Let’s Make A Baby

Many reasons may have led you to surrogacy but do not worry we understand. We know the surrogacy process can be overwhelming at first and at times complicated and emotional so we are here to help you with every step of the way. Here is a quick step by step guide that can help you understand our process!

9 Easy Steps!


Schedule A Consultation With Us

Fill out an application set up your consultation and learn more about us and our programs.


Meet And Match With Your Dream Surrogate

In person or Zoom meeting with your surrogate and coordinator


Medical Screening At Your IVF Clinic

Your clinic will schedule a medical screening appointment with your surrogate. Typically we get the results back 7-10 business days!


Surrogacy Agreement & Legal Clearance

Every state has different laws in regards to egg donation and surrogacy. We work with some of the best attorneys in the country that will draft the surrogacy agreement and provide council.


IVF Cycle And Embryo Transfer!

Your clinic will create a schedule for the surrogate to follow and prepare for the embryo transfer! We will be in close contact with all parties and provide as much update as we can!



We provide weekly updates and we have monthly surrogate meet ups!


Establish Parental Rights

Your attorney will prepare and file the required document to make sure the surrogacy contract will be upheld and the correct parentage will be on the birth certificate.



Congratulations your bundle of joy is finally here!


Post Birth

We will be here 12 months post birth to help you and your surrogate to process bills and follow up appointments.

Surrogacy Is Complicated But We Make It Easy!

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We have a very lengthy and thorough process to find some of the best surrogates. Our 6 steps process takes about 3-4 weeks to complete and only about 2-5% of the surrogate actually make it through our process. Our process includes in person or zoom interviews, background and financial checks, medical records screening, psychological evaluation and home interviews. Our process makes sure we find the most qualified and committed gestational surrogates.

Our Surrogate Screening Process

Step 1


Step 2

In Person & Zoom

Step 3

Medical Records

Step 4

Background &
Financial Checks

Step 5


Step 6

Home Interview

Our Surrogacy Programs

There are so many surrogacy programs out there so let’s help you find the one that is right for you! At Babies Made with Love we have six different surrogacy programs.

Gestational Surrogacy

The perfect program for people that have embryos ready and only need to work with a gestational surrogate to complete their journey! We coordinate the whole journey from matching to 12 months post birth coordinating with escrow to make sure all bills are paid.

Gestational Surrogacy VIP

Some of our clients like to add extra services and personalized services to their journey. We attend milestone appointments throughout the IVF and pregnancy including the delivery to help make the journey easier and less stressful for you. This can be added to any of our services.

Surrogacy and Egg Donor

Some future parents need both a gestational surrogate and egg donor.
We offer a discount for people that work with us for both services. We coordinate both journeys from donor and surrogate selection to the egg retrieval and birth of your baby. We are here every step of the way.


Some future parents want to work with two gestational surrogates at the same time! Some people choose this option without going through a twin pregnancy. It can be a safer option to some people. Other people might want to increase their chances of success. No matter your reason, we are here to help! We also offer a discount for people that would like to choose this option.

Sibling Surrogacy VIP

Many of our clients return for a second journey to give their precious baby a sibling! Sometimes they work with the same surrogate mother and sometimes they are matched with someone else. Either way we are here to help!

Semi Independent Surrogacy

Some people are very lucky and have someone in their life willing to be their gestational surrogate or they are able to find a surrogate on their own. However, they are not familiar with the complicated process. We offer our help to coordinate and assist them on their journey to parenthood.