​Let’s Find Your Dream Egg Donor

Our egg donor database consist of donors from all over the world. We strive to find the most qualified and diverse egg donors of all backgrounds, education level, professions, ethnicities and many more qualities. Every donor is interviewed, screened by a genealogist, psychologist, verification of education background and educated about the egg donation process. We hold our egg donor program to a high standard and only about 2% of egg donors are accepted into our program.

Our program coordinator can filter through hundreds of our egg donors in our database to help you find the donor that fits your requirement. Our donor profiles consist of basic demographics, education background, family health history, “get to know the donor section” that includes their hobbies, interest and personality quirks, and a short video introduction.

Our Surrogate Screening Process

Step 1


Step 2

In Person & Zoom

Step 3

Medical Records

Step 4

Background and
Financial Checks

Step 5


Step 6

Home Interview

Our Surrogacy Programs

There are so many surrogacy programs out there so let’s help you find the one that is right for you! At Babies Made with Love we have six different surrogacy programs.

Egg Donor

We work with amazing egg donors from all around the world with different demographics, backgrounds and education levels. This section includes donors with different levels of academic and professional accomplishment.

VIP Egg Donor

We have some donors with high accomplished backgrounds such as Ivy League education, engineers, doctors, lawyers, actresses or models and etc. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we will do our best to secure the donor that fits your requirement.

Egg Donor Surrogacy and

Some future parents need both a gestational surrogate and egg donor. We offer a discount for people that work with us for both services. We coordinate both journeys from donor and surrogate selection to the egg retrieval and birth of your baby. We are here every step of the way.