Egg Donation​ ​FAQ

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Babies Made with Love Egg Donor! We are super excited for you to join our worldwide egg donor family! We have donors and intended parents from all over the world with one common goal: to make dreams a reality and families complete! Please take your time to read through our requirements, steps in becoming a donor and what happens after you’re matched and finally all your common questions and answers!

Egg Donation Requirements:

  • Between the ages of 21-29
  • Have regular monthly periods
  • Healthy BMI (Under 29)
  • Physically and emotionally healthy
  • Non-smoker and no drug users
  • Not on Depo
  • Willing to undergo medical and psychological evaluation
  • Willing to take injectable medications
  • Willing to commit to the process
  • Willing and able to respond to communications in a timely manner with us and the clinicy
  • Willing to travel* (Travel to the clinics, it might be local to you or it might be in a different state. Please let us know your willingness to travel so we can find you the right intended parents to work with!)

Donor Process Information

Application process

  • Complete an application (Any sports, musical talents, and academic accomplishments, volunteer work, or other abilities are very appealing to Intended Parents. Please make sure to fit even he smallest things in your profile that might be important. SAT/ACT/ High GPA results are especially important if you have those available.)
  • Submit photos (childhood, adult, family)
  • Sign the egg donor forms and send them in.
  • Complete interview process with Donor Coordinator

While waiting to be matched:

  • Update us with any new information for your profile or recent photos.
  • The matching process takes an average of 6 months but can be as short as a month or as long as a year. Intended Parents looks through hundreds of profiles when deciding on a donor. If at any time you become unavailable to be a donor, let us know immediately so we can take your profile down.
  • We are required to contact you every time an Intended Parent shows interest in your profile and has more questions or wants to know your availability. Not all of these inquiries turn into an actual match because some Intended Parents may not be ready to move forward and are at various stages in their search. Please don’t take this personally and please understand that we are doing our best to get you matched as quickly as possible.

Once you are matched:

It is a 2-3 month time commitment. The first month is not time consuming at all. The most time consuming part will be the last two weeks when you are required to go to 5-6 doctors appointments in the early morning and then have your retrieval at the end.


  • Psychological screening: This is a 30-minute phone call or in-person meeting plus a personality test (either the MMPI or the PAI).
  • Genetic consultation: This is a 30-minute phone call to go over your complete family medical background and history.
  • Physical screening with the Intended Parent’s doctor: Blood work, genetic testing, ultrasound, and general patient information session.


  • Once the medical screening results come back okay, we will start the legal contract between you and the Intended Parents. You will each have your own attorney to make sure that you fully understand everything.
  • After all parties sign the legal agreement, the nurse will issue a calendar with the medication dates, appointment dates, and retrieval date.


  • Birth Control: You will most likely be put on birth control to sync your period with the Intended Mother’s period.
  • Injectable Medications: You will take injectable medications for 8-12 days (longer if Lupron is used first)
    Every 2 to 3 days while on medication you will go to morning doctor visits (between 7:30-10am). They will check your hormone levels and do an ultrasound to see how your body is responding to the medications.
    • The medication instructions will vary depending on the type used but the nurse will make sure to explain them to you. It is VERY important to take them exactly as directed or the cycle will be cancelled.
      Side Effects: While on the medications you may experience PMS symptoms (like bloating, cramping, fatigue)
      Hyper-stimulation: 1-3% of donors experience hyper-stimulation that included temporary severe bloating and flu-like symptoms.
  • Trigger shot: During your doctor visits, once they determine your body is ready, they will tell you the timing for your “trigger” shot. This is the shot that gets the body ready to release the eggs. It has to be done at the EXACT time they tell you. Your retrieval will be scheduled for 36 hours following the shot.


  • This will take place around the 12th day of stimulation medications.
  • This is about a 20-minute procedure.
  • You will be placed under general anesthesia.
  • The eggs are retrieved through the vagina (there is no cutting or stitching: similar to a pap smear)

This process is done approximately 250,000 times a year

Miscellaneous Donor Information

Traveling Cycles

  • Initial screening visits will require you to fly to the Intended Parent’s doctor. (Overnight or same day trip depending on locations)
  • Some clients require a second similar trip right before medication start.
  • Retrieval trip will be 5-10 days depending on the clinic’s requirements.
    • Intended Parents will pay for all travel expenses.
    • You may bring a companion for the retrieval trip.
    • You will receive $50/day food allowance for your travel days.
    • If it’s a clinic that is not local but is driving distance, you will be reimbursed mileage instead of flying.


  • You must NOT be a smoker to be a donor.
  • If you fail a drug, alcohol, or nicotine screening at any point during the cycle, it will be cancelled and you will be responsible for the cost of the screening.
  • If the cycle is cancelled because you are not taking your medications properly or storing them correctly, you will not be compensated your full compensation.

If at any time you have questions, hesitations, or concerns, PLEASE ask someone in the office immediately. Communication is extremely important in this process. Intended Parents spend countless hours looking through profiles and it’s a very emotional process for them. If you are not ready to be a donor or not available, let us know ASAP so we can make sure that we take your profile down before a clients gets their heart set on it.

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