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We are a full-service egg donation and surrogacy agency dedicated to helping you on this journey! With over a decade of professional and personal experience and hundreds of families we have helped created we can help complete your family too! Everyone at Babies Made with Love understands that this is an emotional and complex journey and we are committed to make this a smooth journey for you!

Future Parents

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Egg Donation & Surrogacy Agency

Everyone on our team has personal experience with egg donation, surrogacy or IVF.
We know how intimidating and emotional this journey is and will be. We know the
heartache of not being able to carry your own child, the excitement of being chosen
as an egg donor and the joy of being a surrogate mother. We were all in your shoes
at point or another.

Contact us at to speak with a coordinator and learn
how we can help you on this journey as a future parent, surrogate or egg donor.

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100% of our team members have been through this process personally. We were all intended parents or an egg donor or a surrogate mother at one point. We know personally what you are going through and can share our own experiences.

We are one of the only agencies that offer a 100% egg donor rematch policy at no additional agency fee. This means if your untested donor eggs did not result in any successful pregnancy within in a year of retrieval, we will assist you in finding a new donor at no additional agency fee.

We also offer a surrogate rematch policy. If after two untested frozen embryo transfers do not yield a successful pregnancy we will rematch you with a new surrogate mother at no additional agency fee.

We personalize all egg donor and surrogate matching. To ensure a successful journey for everyone, we will help you find the best intended parents, egg donor and surrogate mother that will fit your requirements and expectations.​

Our Process

We have a multistep screening process for everyone. Only 2-5% of the egg donors and surrogate mothers applicant make it through our lengthy and thorough process. Everyone is interviewed in person or via videocalls, background checked, confirmation of medical records and psychologically evaluated. With our multistep and thorough process, we are able to secure the best and most qualified and dedicated egg donors and surrogate mothers.

We Partner with Sunfish for Financing Options

Sunfish offers the most comprehensive marketplace of financial options for surrogacy, IVF, egg freezing, embryo preservations, egg donations, and more, up to $100,000 at industry-low rates. For a white glove consultation or more information, contact Sunfish at